Initial D Watch Order Guide

Initial D is one the most popular shows in the anime community and has even achieved meme status with its Deja Vu song. Even if you are not into cars or racing in general, watching Initial D makes you feel like you should do some donuts or at least some driting. The way races are presented in Initial D can keep viewers on the edge of their seats and make their eyes glued to the screen.

The only problem with Initial D is its animation. You would expect some amazing animation frame rates for a racing anime, but Initial D has choppy animation and the worst CGI. However, despite its lackluster animation, it still manages to hype all the racing scenes. The characters are okay, and the story is enjoyable, but races are the spotlight, making Initial D really enjoyable.

If you are thinking of giving the Initial D anime series a try, here’s a guide to help you watch it in the correct order.

Initial D Watch Order:

1. Initial D First Stage

Initial D First Stage

Alternate Title: None
Episodes: 26

2. Initial D Second Stage

Initial D Second Stage

Alternate Title: None
Episodes: 13

3. Initial D Third Stage

Initial D Third Stage

Alternate Title: None
Episodes: 1 (Movie)

4. Initial D Extra Stage (Optional)

Initial D Extra Stage

Alternate Title: None
Episodes: 2 (OVA)

5. Initial D Fourth Stage

Initial D Fourth Stage

Alternate Title: None
Episodes: 24

6. Initial D Fifth Stage

Initial D Fifth Stage

Alternate Title: None
Episodes: 14

7. Initial D Final Stage

Initial D Final Stage

Alternate Title: None
Episodes: 4

Initial D is a racing anime series adapted from the manga of the same name written and drawn by Shuuichi Shigeno.

Synopsis: Takumi Fujiwara’s daily routines involve delivering tofu on behalf of his father’s shop early in the morning in his old Toyota AE86. So any conversation among his friends relating to cars or driving bores him because it reminds him of his daily unavoidable tofu delivery.

One day, he randomly went to a meetup of street racers along with his friend. Upon seeing the rival team, he decides to participate in the race with his AE86. This spur-of-the-moment decision marked Takumi’s entry into the world of street racing, kindling an unfound love.

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