Where Does Komi Can’t Communicate Anime End In The Manga?

Komi Can’t Communicate (Komi-san wa, Comyushou desu.) is a school comedy manga series written and illustrated by Tomohito Oda. The manga received an anime adaptation in the Fall of 2021. Unfortunately, the anime adaptation of Komi Can’t Communicate was inconsistent. It altered the story elements a little bit. In addition, it skipped some chapters, probably due to production budget constraints, so I recommend reading the manga from the beginning and skimming through the chapters you already know.

However, if you still want to start the manga where the anime leaves off, then the 12-episode season one of Komi Can’t Communicate anime covered the first 73 chapters of the manga, and the 12-episode season two covered upto chapter 129 of the manga. Therefore, you can start reading the manga from chapter 130, titled New Class, volume 10 of the Japanese and English-translated manga versions.

Oda launched the Komi Can’t Communicate as a one-shot manga in 2015 and later received a regular serialization in 2016 in Shogakukan’s Weekly Shounen Sunday. Since then, the manga has been compiled into 25 volumes and had over 6 million copies in print as of December 2021. In addition, the series won the 67th Shogakukan Manga Award for the shounen category.

The first and second seasons of the anime, animated by OLM, aired on TV Tokyo and other channels but only streamed exclusively on Netflix.

Viz Media began publishing the series in English in 2018 with this synopsis: Timid Tadano is a total wallflower, and that’s just the way he likes it. But all that changes when he finds himself alone in a classroom on the first day of high school with the legendary Komi. He quickly realizes she isn’t aloof—she’s just super awkward. So now he’s made it his mission to help her on her quest to make 100 friends!

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